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Who I Am...

Photo Courtesy of Michael Hull Photograp

Besides the metro New York area, I can be local to Atlanta, Chicago or Washington DC / Baltimore; Voiceover can be recorded remotely.

Hi! I’m Johnny Anthony and I'm an actor originally from Winston-Salem, NC, who is now currently based in NYC. As a kid who moved around a lot, arts and sports always allowed me to find a home no matter where I was. Every weekend, my childhood was filled with baseball tournaments, football games, and local theater performances. But it was in high school, with the guidance of an invaluable drama teacher, that I realized my true passion for acting. I've always loved storytelling - whether it be film/theater, literature, music, or comedy - so I knew that this is where my life is destined to go.


After graduation, I attended Pace University where, coupled with playing baseball all four years, I was an honors student who learned so much from some of the best acting professionals in this industry, as well as meeting so many talented friends who inspired me every day. This is also where I began to work on many student films, as well as professionally on sets such as "Law and Order" and Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. Now that I've completed my degree in Film Studies, I continue working on camera, in both television and films, along with performing in plays (most recently at Arena Stage in DC, Cumberland Theatre in Maryland, and various theaters in NYC).


When I’m not acting, you can find me browsing your local thrift store, screaming at the Yankees or Giants, crying at a Boyz II Men concert (true story, I have pictures), or going out with my friends and tearing up a dance floor.  So, feel free to look around, click all the tabs, and get to know me just a little bit better.

 "Cade Taylor" in The Nameless

 "Roy" in Off Camera

"Joey" in Inconvenience

"Tommy" in PK

 "Happy" in High School Dummies

 "L.C. Dawson" in A Few Good Men




West Side Story

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Headshot Photos by Michael Hull Photography and Jeffrey Mosier Photography

Hair & Makeup by Megan Kane

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